Music from This Past Sunday

Pentecost 23 (October 24)

Hymn 398: I sing the almighty power of God (Forest Green)

The descant in the final stanza (by Thmas Armstrong) is familiar from the Carols for Choirs version of ‘O little town of Bethlehem.’

Hymn 571: All who love and serve your city (Charlestown)

This was the sequence hymn: the first three stanzas sung prior to the Gospel lesson, and the final two sung as the altar party processed back at the conclusion of the reading. 

Tallis: If ye love me

Lloyd: View me, Lord

The choir was off this past week, but a fine quartet (consisting of Lisa Jennings, Fran Gilbert, Stewart Haigh, and Larry Wilson) provided two anthems.  The Tallis is very familiar; the other anthem was written by Richard H. Lloyd (b. 1933), who served as organist and choirs master both at Hereford Cathedral and at Durham.  The text, by Thomas Campion  (1567-1620) is as follows:

View mee, Lord, a worke of thine:
   Shall I then lye drown’d in night?
Might thy grace in mee but shine,
   I should seeme made all of light.

Clense mee, Lord, that I may kneele
   At thine Altar, pure and white:
They that once thy Mercies feele,
   Gaze no more on earths delight.

Worldly joyes like shadowes fade,
   When the heav’nly light appeares ;  
But the cov’nants thou hast made,
   Endlesse, know nor dayes, nor yeares.

In thy word, Lord, is my trust,
   To thy mercies fast I flye ;
Though I am but clay and dust,
   Yet thy grace can lift me high.

Hymn 541: Come, labor on (Ora labora)


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