Music from This Past Sunday

Pentecost 24 (Novemver 7)

Parker: Lord, thou hast searched me

The text is a version of Psalm 139 sung to the early American hymn tune Tender Thought  in an arrangement by Alice Parker.  The men of the choir sang it with the piano from the front of the church as the Prelude. 

Hymn: For the beauty of the earth (Dix)

The final stanza is David Willcoks’s familiar arrangement from the Carols for Choirs version of the Epiphany hymn,  “As with gladness men of old.”

Hymn 490: I want to walk as a child of the light (Houston)

This was the sequence hymn, two stanzas of which we sang before the Gospel and one stanza after.  This is the “after,” with a descant by B.  C. Beattie. 

Hymn 587: Our Father, by whose Name (Rhosymedre)

TRIVIA: The author of this text, the Rev. F. Bland Tucker, was the only person who was instrumental in the formation of both the 1940 and 1982 Episcopal hymnals.   

Vaughan Williams: Rhosymedre (Hymn 587)

This is the second of three preludes on Welsh hymn tunes written by Vaughan Williams in 1920.  It is one of the most beautiful organ pieces I know; no one gets married or buried in our church without having this played.

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