Singing Morning Prayer

On the first five Sundays in Lent (March 13-April 10), we will have Morning Prayer at the 9:00 and 11:00 services rather than Holy Eucharist.  For long-term hard-core Anglican types, singing Morning Prayer for these five weeks will be a sort of homecoming, or at least a trip down memory lane.  Episcopalians “of a certain age” will recall that prior to the current Prayer Book (1979), Morning Prayer was the often the main Sunday service.  In some places there was Communion once a month with Morning Prayer on the other Sundays, and in other places Eucharist was the small, quiet, early service while Morning Prayer was the large, main service.   

For more on the reasons for and significance of the decision to “forgo” our regular Eucharistic practice during this season, please check this article on Pastor Rob Sturdy’s blog here

What To Expect

The service is in the Book of Common Prayer on pages 75-102, or online here

A Preview of the Music

Like the “Glory to God” and the “Holy, holy, holy” at Eucharist, Morning Prayer has a few items that are sung in the same way each week.  I have included two of those items below in case you would like to familiarize yourself with how they sound before we sing them together in worship.   

Invitatory Psalm:Venite exultemus (Psalm 95:1-7)
Book of Common Prayer p. 82

Recording here, printed music here

Canticle: The Song of Zechariah (Luke 1:68-79)
Book of Common Prayer p. 92

Recording here, printed music here.


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