Midday Music Moments in Georgetown

This past Wednesday, March 23, I had the opportunity to travel down to Georgetown to play at Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church, where my friend Jonathan Blamire is the organist and Choirmaster.  I played for a weekly series they have (that’s every week, not just during Lent) called Midday Musical Moments.  Held on Wednesdays at noon, these services are like a mini-recital organized around the order for Noonday Prayer (pp. 103-107 in the Book of Common Prayer or online here).  This service include a hymn, a psalm, a brief lesson, some prayers, and a nice variety of classical music.  It lasts for about thirty minutes. 

The organ at Prince George is a modest Cassovant from the late 1960’s.  I think it is something like 12 stops  (15 ranks) on two manuals, but I found it to be a sweet-sounding instrument that played easily.  I was surprised at the flexibility and variety of sound that was possible on an instrument that is so small.

Now that spring has sprung, if you are looking for a change of scenery or a mini-day trip I would highly commend taking a little drive down to Georgetown on a Wednesday to catch one of these Midday Musical Moments.  Prince George Winyah is a very old and wonderfully charming church building with a lovely cemetery–they have old-style pew boxes in the nave, some of which are carved with 200 year-old graffiti!  Georgetown is quite pretty just now, and there are some nice shops and restaurants.  Of course the Rice Paddy is a perpetual favorite, but I also recommend Portofino’s, right in Front Street overlooking the river–that’s where we ate and it was quite good (and we saw Bishop Allison there, as well).

Below are recordings of some of the things that I played this past Wednesday. 

Midday Musical Moments
Prince George Winyah, Georgetown
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hymn 150: Forty days and forty nights (Aus der tiefe)

Walther: Freu dich sehr, O meine Seele (Hymn 67)

Mathias: Canzonetta

Busarow: Schmücke dich, O liebe Seele (Hymn 339)

Boyce: Voluntary No. 2 in G

For full details about the Midday Musical Moments as well as the other aspects of the fine music ministry at Prince George, please visit their website here.


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