Music from this past Sunday

November 13 – Pentecost 22

Download the service leaflet here;
Please click on the links below to hear music from this service. 

Hasselmans: Prayer
Nancy Brenand, harp

Mendelssohn: ‘Cast thy burden on the Lord’ from Elijah
Nancy Brenand, harp

Hymn 525: The Church’s one Foundation (Aurelia)

Hymn 571, All who love and serve the city (Charlestown)

MacFarlane: Christ our Passover
Nancy Brenand, harp

Scott: A Vineyard Grows

Hymn 632, O Word of God Incarnate (Munich)
alternate harmonization by G. Winton Casseler (stanza 2)

Hymn 680, O God our help in ages past (St. Anne)
alternate harmonizations by Bruce Neswick (stanza 4) and Gerre Hancock (stanza 6)

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