Lessons and Carols for Advent This Wednesday

This event is being offered as an Advent family night of fellowship and worship. It is meant to be a quiet moment of reflective preparation amid the fuss and bother of this hectic season. Through our fellowship, our prayer, and our singing I hope that the evening will be a useful tool in making our hearts and minds ready for the celebration of Christmas. Childcare is provided.

Aside from the readings and the singing, a notable feature of this service will be a set of seven banners with symbols for each of the Great O Antiphons. The banners were designed specifically for this service and they were made (traced, cut, sewn, ironed, appliqued, hemmed, and otherwise lovingly wrought) by women in our choir. They will be processed into the church one by one as the service progresses, and after the service we will hang them over the balcony for the remainder of Advent and Christmas.

The symbols on the banners, derived from the Old Testament, are as follows:

O Wisdom – Scroll
O Adonai (“Lord and Ruler”)- Burning Bush
O Root of Jesse – Tree
O Key of David – Key
O Dayspring – Rising Sun
O King of the Nations – Crown
O Emmanuel (“God with us”) – Star and Manger


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