God’s Own Son is Born a Child, God the Father is Reconciled

Music from Epiphany Processions and Carols

Download the service leaflet here; please click on the links below to hear music from this service.

Processional Hymn:

‘He whom shepherds once came praising’ (Quempas Carol)

Karen Kerswell, Margo Perl, and Janet Inman Haigh singing in procession

Liturgical Processions serve the purpose getting the clergy and choir into and out of church, but they also symbolize the act of pilgrimage–journeying from our ordinary lives into to holy place for the purpose of worship. The extended procession at the beginning of this service is meant to evoke the very first Christian pilgrimage–the star-led journey of the Magi to the manger at Bethlehem.

In this procession, “detachments” of the adult and children’s choirs process around and sing antiphonally from the four corners of the Nave as well as the Choir Loft, singing together and joined by the congregation on each refrain.

The “Quempas Carol” gets its name from the first two syllables of its Latin title, Quem pastores laudavere (He whom the shepherds praised).  This is a 14th-century carol that tells the story of the angels’ appearance to the shepherds and the shepherd’s subsequent journey to Bethlehem to see the Christ child.

Other Hymns and Carols:

Niles, arr. Warrel: Jesus, Jesus, rest your head

Davies: O little town of Bethlehem
Marcia McKenna, soprano

arr. Shaw: Unto us is born a Son

Dyson: Nunc dimittis
Rod Sanders, baritone

Held: Saw you never in the twilight
Lisa Jennings, soprano

Nelson: The Coming of God to Earth

Lisa Jennings accompanied by Mark Chaney

Hymn 94, While shephards watched thier flocks (Winchester New)

Hymn 119, As with gladness men of old (Dix)

Hymn 82, Of the Father’s love begotten (Divinum mysterium)

Hymn 497, How bright appears the Morning Star (Wie schön leuchtet)

Stewart Haigh reads a lesson

More pictures at the Trinity Shuetterfly site here.


One thought on “God’s Own Son is Born a Child, God the Father is Reconciled

  1. Matthew J. Schetter says:

    Dr. Chaney,
    It is good to see that you are as successful as I knew you would be. Congratulations on all you have accomplished. I enjoy reading up on you from this site from time to time.

    Be well…

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