Music from the Past Few Sundays

Please click on the links below to hear music from these services.

Lent III – March 11

Jessica Miller and Matt Ward, oboes

Download the service leaflet here

Bach: Prelude in F (Well-Tempered Clavier II) and Trio (Brandenburg No. 1)

These two pieces have nothing whatever to do with one another aside from they fact that they are both by Bach.  Furthermore, the “Trio” from the Brandenburg concerto is meant to be played by two oboes and a bassoon alone, not by two oboes and harpsichord playing the bassline and filling in the harmonies.  It’s hard to say whether Bach would have approved of my appropriating and re-packaging his work in this way, although he did this sort of thing with his own music fairly regularly.  For me, the justification is that the claim of “authenticity” is less important than allowing Bach’s music to be heard, especially when one has a fine harpichord and two fine oboe players at one’s disposal.

Eiether way, Bach is still dead and his music is still great.

Bach: ‘Inscribed upon the cross we see’

This also is an invention of mine own making–we took the second stanza of Hymn 471, ‘We sing the praise of him who died,’ and set it to Bach’s harmonization of the 17th-century chorale O heiliger Geist, O heiliger Gott.

Inscribed upon the cross we see
in shining letters, God is love:
Christ bears our sins upon the tree:
he brings us mercy from above.

Thomas Kelly, 1815

Hymn 149, Eternal Lord of love, behold your Church (Old 124th)

Kyrie eleison (Russian Orthodox traditional)

Hymn 439, What wondrous love is this, O my soul (Wondrous Love)

Bach: O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht, BWV 118

O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht,
mein Hort, mein Trost, mein Zuversicht,
auf Erden bin ich nur ein Gast
und drückt mich sehr der Sünden Last.

O Jesus Christ, the light of my life,
my treasure, my comfort, my confidence:
I am only a guest in this world,
and the weight of my sins oppresses me greatly.

Martin Behm (1737)

Bach: Ich hab’ ich ihm ergeben
from Cantata 97, In allen meinen Taten
Lisa Jennings, soprano

Ich hab mich ihm ergeben zu sterben und zu leben,
Sobald er mir gebeut.
Es sei heut oder morgen, dafür lass ich ihn sorgen;
Er weiß die rechte Zeit.

To him I am committed for dying and for living
Whenever he bids me.
If this day or tomorrow I depart to his care;
He knows the proper time.

Paul Fleming (1642)

Lent IV – March 18

Download the service leaflet here

Lloyd: Cleanse me, Lord
(stanzas 2 and 4 of ‘View me, Lord, a work of thine’)

Cleanse me, Lord, that I may kneel at thine altar pure and white;
They that once thy mercies feel, gaze no more on earth’s delight.

In thy word, Lord, is my trust, to thy mercies fast I fly;
Though I am but clay and dust, yet thy grace can lift me high.

– Thomas Campion (1567-1620)

Hymn 475, God himself is with us (Tysk)

arr. Hutto: Just as I am


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