Music from Palm Sunday

April 1, 2012 – 11:00

Please click on the links below to hear music from this service; download the service leaflet here.

Palm Sunday is the gate of Holy Week, and it is unlike any other Sunday of the year.  The service begins in an attitude of exaltation as we recall Jesus’s triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem.  Very quickly, however, the mood changes as we turn our focus to Jesus’ passion and death.

At Trinity, we begin the service by gathering outside under the bell tower.  The processional Gospel is read and the palms are blessed.  The choir is lined up on eiether side of the main hallway, and they chant Psalm 118:19-29 (the ‘Processional Psalm’ below) as the congregation walk between them on thier way into the church.  A Collect is said, and then all  join in singing “All glory, laud, and honor” as the altar party and choir process into the church.

To view the text and rubrics of the Palm liturgy, click here.

Processional Psalm:
Psalm 118:19-29

Processional Hymn:
154, All glory, laud and honor (Valet will ich dir geben)

Hymn 158, Ah, holy Jesus (Herzliebster Jesu)

final stanza: organ accompaniment by Donald Busarow (1934-2011)

Conte: Hosanna

Hymn 474, When I survey the wondrous cross (Rockingham)

See more pictures from Palm Sunday at the Trinity Shutterfly site here.


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