Music from This Past Sunday

Third Sunday of Easter – April 22.  Please click on the links below to hear music from this service; download the service leaftlet here.

Bender: Down Ampney (Hymn 516)

Tallis: If ye love me, keep my commandments

Hymn 413, New songs of celebration render (Rendez a Dieu)

Paraphrase of Psalm 98 by Erik Routley  (1917-1982)

Psalm 98
(Simplified Anglican Chant, Robert Knox Kennedy)

Hymn 516, Come down, O Love divine (Down Ampney)

Trivia:  The tune for this hymn was written by Ralph Vaughan Williams in 1906 for The English Hymnal, of which Vaughan Williams was the musical editor.  It is one of several tunes he wrote for that hymnal, including Sine nomine, the tune for “For all the saints.”  The name of this tune, ‘Down Ampney,’ comes from the village in Goucestershire where Vaughan Williams was born.

Titcomb: I will not leave you comfortless

Hymn 182, Christ is alive! let Christians sing (Truro)


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