Two New Blogs from Two Good Friends

If you are looking for something interesting and insightful to read on the Turgid Morass of the Interwebs, allow to recommend two new blogs from some friends of mine.

Arctic Organist

Jonathan Blamire, Grand Strand AGO Charter Member and former Music Director of Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church, Georgetown, SC

Jonathan and his wife Sarah moved to South Carolina from England about four years ago to take the music job at the Episcopal church in Georgetown.  I got to know him through the chapter of the American Guild of Organists that we formed in 2010.  Since that time, I have enjoyed working with him on AGO events and also getting a little glimpse into his music ministry at Prince George.  He has become a valued collegue and a true friend.

You can imagine what a transition it was in Jon’s life to move from England to South Carolina.  Well, now he has taken a church music post at a cluster of churches in the northern part of Norway, and has started a blog to chronicle the adventure:

“This is really an invitation to come on a voyage of discovery as I (the organist) move from sunny South Carolina (USA) to Lenvik (Norway). I’ve taken the position of Kantor 2 in the Lenvik parish of Den Norske Kirke (the Norwegian state church), and as I discover what this really means, I’ll post updates, hopefully with lots of pictures. This is not something that would ever have crossed my mind, but due to a series of ‘Godincidences’ I’m on the way. It’s not a journey I want to take on my own, so I rely on the Lord as He guides.”

Under the Cassock

Nicole Keller, former Organist and Choirmaster, Christ Church Episcopal, Hudson, Ohio

Nicole  is an Eastman classmate, fabulous organist, and one of my most treasured and beloved colleagues–she was the organist at our wedding.  Nicole is one of those annoyingly talented and intelligent kind of people who can do (and actually has done) just about anything she wants.  Her blog is about the place where music, faith, doubt, and everyday life intersect:

“I am a musician striving to be an artist and a person of faith while living in a world that strives to suck the artist and faith right out of you.”

Make sure you read the post on the Spiders of Bayrueth!


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