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Local Arts Organizations:

Long Bay Symphony

Carolina Master Chorale

Grand Strand Chapter of the American Guild of Organists

Good Listening Online:

Saint Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue, New York City

Complete audio of all Sunday, festival, and weekday sung services featuring that historic and celebrated choir of men and boys.  Archived back to Christmas of 2010.

Washington National Cathedral

Full video–and very slickly produced, I might add–of the weekly cathedral Eucharists.  Full services (with all the music) are archived back to 2006, and sermons only back to 1999.  The music is quite good, but the services are also visually impressive–check out a Palm Sunday or Easter, with a mile-long procession accompanied by one of Scott Dettra’s splashy hymn introductions.

Grace Cathedral, San Fransisco

Complete audio of the previous Sunday’s Eucharist and the previous Thursday’s Choral Evensong; sermons only (without music) are archived back serveral months.  The services have a definite West Coast feeling to them, but the music is unabashedly traditional–lots of Anglican chant and plainsong.  The cathrdral’s director of music, Benjamin Bachmann, started out in Ohio as an organ student of Bob Quade, who was Sebron Hood’s roommate on graduate school way back in the ’50s.

Lutheran Church of the Incarnate Word,  Rochester, New York

One of the flagship music churches in Rochester (just a couple of blocks from the Eastman school of music) with a Sunday evening Vespers series that goes back 30 years.  Here you will find a lot of imaginitive and inspiring hymn playing long with some very fine choral singing.

St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota

Full video (both live and archived) of chapel services as well as concert and recitals by St. Olaf ensembles, faculty, and guest artists.  Podcasts also available for download.

Trinity Wall Street, New York City

Full video (both live and archived) of Sunday services as well as concerts, recitals, and other goings-on.  Podcasts also available for download.

Good Reading Online:

Arctic Organist

Jonathan Blamire,
Grand Strand AGO Charter Member and former Music Director of Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church, Georgetown, SC

“This is really an invitation to come on a voyage of discovery as I (the organist) move from sunny South Carolina (USA) to Lenvik (Norway). I’ve taken the position of Kantor 2 in the Lenvik parish of Den Norske Kirke (the Norwegian state church), and as I discover what this really means, I’ll post updates, hopefully with lots of pictures. This is not something that would ever have crossed my mind, but due to a series of ‘Godincidences’ I’m on the way. It’s not a journey I want to take on my own, so I rely on the Lord as He guides.”

Under the Cassock

Nicole Keller,
Eastman classmate, fabulous organist, and one of my most treasured and beloved colleagues:

“I am a musician striving to be an artist and a person of faith while living in a world that strives to suck the artist and faith right out of you.”

Commerce and Arts 

Colin Burch,
Trinity member, Coastal Carolina University English faculty, and all-around good guy:

“His memberships in the American Society for Aesthetics and Council of Literary Magazines and Presses are for real. So are the small writing awards from the N.C. Press Association and the S.C. Press Association, and the one-time achievement of becoming a semi-finalist for the Phillips Foundation Journalism Fellowship.  His interviews — with Dan Akroyd, P.J. O’Rourke, Richard Brookhiser, Randy Newman of the country music group Alabama, Pat Buchanan, former S.C. Governor Jim Hodges, Peter Augustine Lawler, and the late founder of Hooters, Bob Brooks — really happened.  He has the same birthday as John Coltrane, Bruce Springsteen, and Walter Lippman.

“But none of this gives an accurate picture.  The fact is, Colin Foote Burch is a mess.

“He writes this blog, and wrongs this blog, because he has been in various screwed up Christian circles all his life.”

Titus One Nine

The Rev. Kendall Harmon,
Canon Theologian of the Diocese of South Carolina:

“A free floating commentary on culture, politics, economics, and religion based on a passionate commitment to the truth and a desire graciously to refute that which is contrary to it….”

“He must hold firm to the sure word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to confute those who contradict it.” –Titus 1:9, Revised Standard Version

The Topmost Apple

“Life and Fruit”–Commentray on liturgy, music, worship, and society.

Bad Vestments

Shameless, but funny.

Other Handy Music and Liturgy Resources:

Choral Public Domain Library

FREE downloads of non-copyright choral music.  The scores are all user-edited and uploaded without restriction, so not all of it is of the highest quality; still, a lot of works in the standard rep. are here at the click of a mouse.

IMSLP/Petrucci Music Libray

This site has come about as a result of libraries throughout the world digitizing their non-copyrighted music holdings and putting them online.  So here you will find music of every possible size, shape, and description—ALL the Beethoven symphonies, ALL Bach’s cantatas, ALL of Mozart’s piano works, and so forth.  Oh, yeah–and it’s all free.

Oremus Hymnal

Index of the hymn texts (no service music and no tunes) in The Hymnal 1982.

Book of Common Prayer Online

In case you are stuck on a desert island (with good wireless signal) and can’t remeber whether “Stir Up” Sunday occurs in the second of the third week of Advent.

Psalms, Hymns, and Virtual Songs

An Exploration of Hymns — for or about their writers, composers, translators, arrangers, editors, publishers, reviewers, commentators, expositors, readers, singers, accompanists, critics and more (or less) enthusiastic devotees.

Gregorian Chant

Thesaurus Precum Latinarum

Treasury of Latin Prayers (est. April, MCMXCVIII)


Good resource for Refrormation-era (and later) Lutheran hymn texts.

UK Cathedral Music Links

Information and links to the websites of all of the cathedrals in the UK and most of the abbeys, colleges, and chapels royal whose choirs and organs constitute such an important part of the British  choral tradition.  Of particular interest to me are the historical lists of organists for the various cathedrals that go, in some cases, back to the 14th century.

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Can you share where you purchased your wood T-poles for your Advent banners?

    • We didn’t actually use T-poles. We sewed a cross-bar into the top hem with a hook so we can either hang them from the wall or carry them in procession–and for that we just used broomstick handles with hooks in them.

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