And he shall reign forever and ever, King of Kings and Lord of Lords

November 20 – Christ the King

Chris Ackerman and John Crowley, trumpets;
Steve Kirkman, timpani

Please click on the links below to hear music from this service.  Download the service leaflet here.

Introit: Lord enthroned in heavenly splendor

Hymn 494, Crown him with many crowns (Diademata)

Psalm 95:1-7
Anglican Chant: H. Walford Davies

Handel: Hallelujah! Amen
from Judas Maccabaeus

Anerio: Crux fidelis

Crux fidelis, inter omnes arbor una nobilis:
nulla silva talem profert, fronde, flore, germine.
Dulce lignum, dulces clavos,dulce pondus sustinet.

Faithful cross, above all other, One and only noble tree:
None in foliage, none in blossom, None in fruit thy peer may be.
Sweetest wood and sweetest iron, Sweetest weight is hung on thee!

– Venantius Fortunatus (530-609)

Hymn 324, Let all mortal flesh keep silence (Picardy)

Hymn 477, All praise to thee, for thou, O King divine (Engelberg)

Handel: ‘La Rejouaissance’
from Music for the Royal Fireworks