Music from the Past Several Weeks

Pentecost 17 (September 19):

Hymn 450: All hail the power of Jesus’ Name (Coronation)

Jaeschke: My faith is in thee

This is a sweet little Moravian anthem that Sebron Hood bought for the choir during his tenure (1967-1991), but none of our current choir members could remeber ever having done it before.  I was certainly glad to find it waiting patiently in the file cabinet, and I can assure you that we won’t let it sit for 25 years before we do it again. 

Pentecost 18 (September 26):

Dyson: ‘Praise’ (Let all the world in every corner sing), Hymn 429: When morning guilds the skies (Laudes Domini)

This was Men’s Chorus Sunday, and they sang this splashy little anthem as an Introit to the opening hymn.

Hymn 688: A mighty fortrss is our God (Ein feste Burg)

Pentecost 19 (October 3):

Peeters: Pastorale (from Sixty Short Pieces)

Hymn 691: My faith looks up to thee (Olivet)

Mendelssohn: ‘O rest in the Lord’ from Elijah

In the oratorio, this is an aria that the angel (who is an alto) sings to encourage Elijah as he is about to lose heart in the face of adversity.  Personally, I think the aria works just as well if not better in the baritone range, and certainly no one could have sung it more angelically than Rod Sanders did here.